Born in Cambodia, grew up in NYC, currently living in upstate New York. Every language I speak (just English and a couple of Chinese dialects), I have an accent, so everywhere I go, people think I am from somewhere else. 

As a preservation specialist at Binghamton University, I enjoy repairing damaged library books and discovering hidden treasures in Special Collections. I also do some website design work. I have my BFA in painting/printmaking from Cornell University, where I learned that you can mix and match media to make incredible things. Following a more practical interdisciplinary route, I pursued an MS in Information and Library Science from University at Buffalo to merge my library and art worlds together.
Much of my work is inspired by personal experiences and the ordinary everyday things. I love spoons, hate forks, love finding things in nature that have transformed through time. I like juxtapositions, exploring different materials and the blending of media - make paintings/drawings as objects; sculptural works to be viewed as two-dimensional; and drawings created with string, hair, and other found bits and pieces.  I believe in libraries, community outreach, signs and inner whispers, and it is true that colors are brighter on a cloudy day.Why Spoons
Wounded series, ongoing. wax, string, paper & wire.

Often there is a sense of loss and heartache that is hard to articulate with words, leaving one feeling voiceless. We can keep telling stories after stories and still find ourselves unable to touch what has been lost. Many of the spoons I have made have come to be about my grief from an unexpected death of a close friend and the suffering I see in a mother who has lost her only child, her everything. They are small quiet objects, yearning to be tended, waiting to be held. They no longer serve their purpose as spoons -- instead, they are a gentle offering of grief turned inside out. A shadow of a spoon, a rawness, disfigured and unrelentingly bound. Through the process of making these spoons - tedious layering, wrapping, covering and uncovering - I am trying to find ways to reach that place, to let out a breath, a cry, and give strength to what is fragile and broken.

Woman, Weeping, 2009. string, paper & wire. 166 x 5.5 cm

Emptynes(t), 2010. hair, paper & wire. 8 x 5.8 x 1.6 cm spoon dimensions

An Old Baby, 2008. waxed string, paper & wire. 12.5 x 3.5 x 2.5 cm + length of 50 cm trailing

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