Monday, August 15, 2011

a cleansing

goodbye fears
goodbye time
goodbye waiting

beeswax, thread, paper & wire
34.5 x 16.5 x 3.5 cm


Elisabeth Omdahl said...

More beautiful than ever!!!
Your objects are serene,melancholy and tender.And you document them wonderfully.

Adie Andrews said...

Firts time when I saw this I couldn't believe that it is a paper and a wire But I should say that it looks so amazing and beautiful.

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© mien wong said...

hi Elisabeth! happy to see you here and thank you for the feedback. it means a lot coming from you.

hi Adie ~ a little confused by the ad link but thank you anyway for your comments! the beeswax creates some amazing effects on paper.

Marjojo said...

How beautifully you manage to infuse each new spoon with its own character and significance! I looked at this one a few days ago and its been on my mind ever since. I especially love the top image, it is magical - like a strange kind of lily with a wiggly, threaded crimson stem pushing it upwards, towards the light. Or is something pouring from the spoon-shape, first material and then dissolving? Could it be a bleeding wing? The thing is that this little object comines delicacy and strength, solidity and dissolution, and a lot of feeling. You're talking of cleansing - makes me think of blood-letting which was a cure-all a couple of centuries ago, and imagine the bowl in which the blood was caught - your spoon is both container and body, holding pain and letting it go. Hallo self-confidence, I hope, it's hauntingly beautiful!

© mien wong said...

oooh bleeding are giving me ideas, Marjojo...

i'm thrilled for what you see in this piece. what you say about solidity and dissolution, holding pain and letting go resonates strongly with me...

m said...


© mien wong said...

awww :). ♡

lasuza said...

Hello mien, i'm getting on a jetplane and flying to ny in a few weeks, can I see you're work while I'm there? in a weird and wonderful way, it would be so beautiful to catch a glimpse of your work in it's own delicate, fierce and fragile flesh. do answer on my blog,
bises from france,

Cally said...

Theses, and every posted before, so beautiful! How I WISH I was still making, our styles would mesh so well in a collaboration. Visiting here makes me feel like the part of me that loves these material,shapes and forms is still being engaged and not just drying up from lack of self nourishment. Thanks for feeding me.

whosjaja/claudia said...

hello dear, your art is always so captivating, also love the photographed images!
i'm always happy to be back here and see something new, calming, subtile and interesting!

Kalake said...

Ooh Mieny, I love this piece! I agree w/Elisabeth and Claudia - loving how you document/photograph your pieces!
Also agreeing w/Cally about feeding us with your beautiful mind.
Inspired to get to making stuff some more... thank you!
^ . ^

Marjojo said...

Missing you.

Anonymous said...

Look how many fans you have here! I am jealous, he he.

Your words (poem) for " a cleansing" is so courageous and touching.

Letting go of the past, moving on with the present.

Kazu of Oahu, Hawaii

Marjojo said...

Dearest Mien, Your voice, whether it comes in a whisper or a cry, a river of words or just a-one, is always beautiful and true. Don't be afraid to own it!

**EYE-SNACKS** said... is your life after this goodbye feeling ????
I hope you don't think too much :)

professarememba said...

oohhh is what breath said upon opening your page. breath held itself breath listened

the transparency on first image gave sense of a seed pod, of the red being held, surrounded, birthing

extending forth feelers roots blood

will the red empty out (eventually) or will the red remain grow thread forth into
from the structural now.

into me, an impression.

lines and curves
lovely. you
happy New brave year

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Dear Mies,I wish you all the happiness in the world and no fears any more!!

xxx Ingrid from the Netherlands

mansuetude said...

hey Red,

that is me writing under that name Professa whatever. Must have been a Christmas guest who left his name logged in on the shared laptop. Happy New Year!


whosjaja/claudia said...

hello mien!
a little jump into here just to wish you a happy new year, may you keep inspired always... to transform even your troubles, doubts and sadness in little happy spoons (or whatever else your magical hands can do) in 2012!